Start Today – Get Financially Fit!

If you’ve ever heard the numerous wealth gurus speak, they all start to sound the same, albeit with their own twist. What do they have in common? Sure, they’re all incredibly wealthy and attract large crowds wherever they speak. However, I’m specifically referring to the positive tone and the inspirational nature of their message.

Upon further reflection, the single biggest barrier most people need to overcome is their own personal attitude and development. This is the first obstacle you need to overcome if you’re going to achieve your financial dreams and aspirations.

Step #1: Numerous wealth coaches promote the power of positive thinking; negative and limiting vocabulary such as “can’t”, “impossible”, “too difficult” need to be purged out of your system.

Step #2: The next step is to build you financial education, starting with the basics. By this, I mean developing a good understanding of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. As you get a handle on your financial situation, you should begin to “see” the flow of your money. Is your money going into savings or investments that are building more wealth for you over time or supporting a lot of discretionary expenses? Are you living a life where you have more expenses than income to sustain your lifestyle?

Step #3: Depending on where you are financially, you need to develop a financial plan. Your plan can be as simple as setting SMART (specific, measurable, action-oriented, relevant, time bound) financial goals for yourself within a specific timeframe. Chances are, if you commit to setting a goal, you have a better chance of achieving it compared to not having the goal in the first place. If you struggle with following through, have a close friend, family member, or loved one keep you accountable.

By this stage, you are now ahead of the game and increased your chances of wealth building success. If you really want to get ahead further, you need to keep building your financial education (“invest in yourself”). How?

If you have a public library card, use it often. If not, get one and continue building your education financially. Feel free to check out my website for some of the books and products I’ve read and used over the years.

Jean Cheng
Founder, Financial Fitness Pro
[email protected]